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Welcome! You see - Villages in chios

Chios is comprised of 66 different villages. On the north side of the island are the villages of Kardamila, Amades, Viki, Kambia and Lagada, while northwest the island's visitor can admire the villages Volissos, Agio Galas Pirama, Agiasmata and Nenitouria. These villages boast small valleys and the thermal waters. The visitor of the island can also visit Anavatos village located in the central part of the island which is built on a large granite rock. On the south side of the island are the villages of Pyrgi, Olympi and Mesta. These are "Medieval villages" of Chios, which resemble castles were built in this way to protect the inhabitants from the pirates to the Middle Age. These villages have preserved their architecture over the centuries. Notably Pyrgi village is known for the "scratch it." The walls of all the houses are painted with black and white geometric shapes.