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Chios is an island blessed with rich soil and excellent Mediterranean climate which favors the production of many different high quality products. Travel and the experiences of seafarers, facilitated by early promotion of Chian products abroad and contributed to the exchange of knowledge and introducing new ideas (production, processing, packaging) from around the world. Of course the leading role is the Gum! And who does not know that, here and only here, around the world produced this unique product, with the incredible properties and dozens of uses. Before leaving Chios, be sure to buy gum products according to your needs and tastes. Chewing gum, spirits, liqueurs, candies, many and various sweets, toiletries, perfumes, cosmetics and makeup, scented natural soaps and candles and anything else that puts your mind, always intoxicating, therapeutic aroma and magical properties. .. Chios has a long tradition in the distillery and today dozens of family businesses, passing their knowledge from generation to generation, producing exquisite ouzo, flavored liqueurs and possible suma (kind raki coming from figs distillation). Still produces mainly red wines of excellent quality, and the famous since antiquity "Ariousios Wine". The olive has a prominent position in the cultures and so Chios produces pure, virgin olive oil. Due to the excellent citrus varieties -with prominent Chian mantarini- produced even in the plain of previously exported around the world, Chian specialize in the production of sweets, you will find a great variety of flavors!